Cuento: Emociones de Colores – (tapa dura Inglés) Disponible en España/resto Europa/EEUU


Learn and teach to work on children's emotions, to recognize them and to manage them in a healthy way.



With this book you will help your children discover the power of feeling joy, anger or frustration. They will learn that each feeling hides an important lesson for life.

You will help them embrace all emotions equally, paint them a different color and enjoy what each emotion drops from the sky through of atmospheric phenomena.

Fathers, mothers and teachers you will feel more secure and empowered in your educational and parenting work.

"Colorful emotions" is like that magic wand that will guide you through difficult moments , and will give you the keys to a strong, healthy and kind heart in the little ones.

María Claudia es la niña aventura protagonista de este libro, junto a Moody, Gloomy, Jumpy, Glady, Surprisy y Merry. Estos 6 personajes singulares mostrarán a María Claudia la belleza de sentir cualquier emoción, dejando lecciones importantes para el resto de su vida.

All our friends visit María Claudia accompanied by an atmospheric time and amulet bracelets with a super power, that of understanding and managing all the emotions that invade a child.

Additional information

Weight 0,591 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 21 cm


  • Reading age: From 6 years old.
  • Available languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and a bilingual edition in Spanish-English.
  • 134 pages full of colorful adventures.
  • Printed on glitter paper and the perfect thickness for adventure proofing.
  • Hardcover cover like a drum.
  • Dimensions: about the size of a mouse's bed. 22cm x 26cm
  • Publisher: Bigibee
  • Authors: María Rodriguez and Claudia Soruco.
  • Illustrations: Acuarela Duck


Instructions to read: Get all the PATIENCE and LOVE in the world.

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